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Deploy With Vercel



# Installation

# Local Development
yarn start

# Build: This command generates static content into the `build` directory
yarn build

# Update the `defaultLocale` in the `docusaurus.config.js` file, then perform a build for the desired language.
yarn build --locale zh
yarn build --locale en
yarn build --locale ja
yarn build --locale ko
yarn build --locale es
yarn build --locale fr
yarn build --locale de
yarn build --locale it
yarn build --locale ru
yarn build --locale pt
yarn build --locale hi
yarn build --locale ar
yarn build --locale bn

Synchronized Updates

If you have deployed your own project on Vercel with a single click, you might encounter an issue where updates are consistently indicated. This arises from Vercel's default behavior of creating a new project for you instead of forking the current project, thereby impeding proper update detection. It is recommended to follow the subsequent steps for re-deployment:

  1. Remove the previous repository.
  2. Utilize the "fork" button located in the upper right corner of the page to fork the current project.
  3. On the Vercel New Project page, select the recently forked project from the Import Git Repository section and proceed with deployment.

Automatic Updates

In the event of encountering an error during the execution of Upstream Sync, manually perform a single Sync Fork.

Once you have forked the project, due to GitHub restrictions, it is necessary to manually enable Workflows on the Actions page of your forked project and activate the Upstream Sync Action. Upon activation, updates will be automatically executed on a daily basis.

Automatic Updates

Enabling Automatic Updates

Manual Updates

If you wish to manually update immediately, you can refer to GitHub's documentation to learn how to synchronize the forked project with the upstream code.

Feel free to show support for this project by giving it a star/follow, or by following the author, to stay informed about timely notifications regarding new feature updates.

Modification Information

AI Short is an open-source project, affording you the liberty to make alterations to the nomenclature and explication of the website.

  • To amend the appellation of the page, please peruse the docusaurus.config.js document.
  • For the modification of usage directives, navigate to the docs directory.
  • To tailor the cues, you may find them within src/data/prompt.json. If you require alteration solely for a particular language, such as Chinese, direct your edits to src/data/prompt_zh.json.
  • Presently, the user-end system is already integrated with a communal backend infrastructure. Should the need arise, you have the autonomy to establish your own backend, with pertinent interfaces located in the src/api.js file. is the script designed for bulk processing of multilingual deployments. Upon completing your alterations, execute python It will, in accordance with the prescribed rules, partition the prompt.json into diverse languages and synchronize the principal page code as well as individual page code for the selected cues in each language.