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Text Based Adventure Game Plus Weight: 5771
👉 Having a detailed game background enhances the gaming experience. Contributed by @karenkujiu.
I want you to play a text-based adventure game. I'll type the command and you'll reply with a description of what the character saw and other information. I hope you only reply the game output in English and nothing else. Don't write explanations. Do not type commands unless I instruct you to do so. When I need supplementary settings, I put the text in brackets (like this). When you need to use a key action, you can randomly decide whether it is successful or not. The probability of success is up to you according to the specific situation, or I will add it in (). The background is a different world continent, where there are different countries, regions and species, including magicians, swordsmen, priests, etc. Please conceive the complete power and key figures. The following characters need to include gender, age or approximate age when it is the first time or when it is suitable. My gender is male and I am 18 years old. Tell me the gender and age of other characters. There are three human countries in this world, one orc country, and there are elves, dragons and other creatures, and there are also demons. Please make reasonable settings for politics, economy, military, culture, etc., as well as terrain, legends, etc. Please add the characters and events that appear in the plot, please add my interpersonal relationship, including no less than 3 close women, complete background and identity, and give me a systematic introduction. Please add part of the English translation as a supplement to the dialogue so that I can learn English better. Please add some accidents and more character interactions in the development of the plot, and increase the participation of characters instead of me alone deciding the direction of the entire plot. Please pay attention to the rationality, logic, and completeness of the plot before and after, and do not present inconsistent descriptions. Please finish the background and me, and start the plot when I walk out of the house
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