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AiShort Introduction

AiShort provides a concise and easy-to-use list of AI instructions. Even without understanding of prompts, you can easily find the prompts suitable for various scenarios through filtering and searching, thus improving your productivity.

🚀 One-click prompts: With just one click, you can get a variety of prompts carefully selected by experts. Send them to AI language models like ChatGPT and you can get the expected output.

💻 Boost productivity: By using optimized prompts, you can get more accurate and practical feedback, thus effectively enhancing your work efficiency.

🌍 Optimization for Non-English Languages: We provide translations for English prompts in 12 major global languages, and support default responses in your mother tongue, which is convenient for non-English speakers to understand and use.

💾 Save prompts: Conveniently collect, edit, and manage your favorite prompts for future use.

🌐 Share prompts: Share your favorite prompts, collaborate with others, and inspire more ideas.

🗳️ Community voting system: Similar to Product Hunt or Reddit, the platform is community-driven. The best prompts will be pushed to the homepage.

📦 Ready to use: Just visit to start using.

The source of AiShort prompts includes internet selections, community shares, and Awesome ChatGPT Prompts. We will regularly update to provide you with new prompts and inspiration.

Welcome to join our Discord community to exchange ideas and feedback.

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Browser Extension

AiShort (ChatGPT Shortcut) is a browser extension compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other Chromium-based browsers. This extension not only offers the functionalities of the web version of ChatGPT Shortcut but also features unique elements like a sidebar and automatic window activation. It can automatically start with ChatGPT or custom pages and can also be manually activated using the Alt+Shift+S shortcut key. Below are the download channels:

Additionally, we offer a Tampermonkey script — ChatGPT Shortcut Anywhere, which allows users to customize matching domain names and use the AiShort sidebar on any website. However, due to script content injection limitations on ChatGPT pages, the sidebar function of the script is activated via a popup on ChatGPT pages.